APPRTC , , TokBox

In the last few months I have been observing how the course for WebRTC is turning out so far . Unfortunately contrary to my expectations the fundamental holes in WebRTC specification are still the same with less being done to fulfill them . Ofcourse now there are abundance of interactive
WebRTC API each using a new masking method to call the same old WebRTC API function of getusermedia and peer-connection . Few of these I will list down in this blog but no concrete stable reliable  guide to setup the backbone network ( yes i am referring to Media inter conversion , relay , TURN , STUN servers ) which is left to telecom software engineer / developer to find out and configure . Instead I see many commercial service providers who claim of providing their backend for our WebRTC implementation but that in my opinion completely defeats the objective of WebRTC based communication .  WebRTC was meant to *everything you can’t do with proprietary communication tools and networks* .

Well moving on , here are some nice API implementations of WebRTC ( only for Websockets no SIP )


apprtc apprtc2 apprtc3 apprtc4 apprtc5


talky3 talky2 talky1 talky4 talky5 talky63. tokbox

tokbox2tokbox1tokbox7 tokbox6 tokbox5 tokbox4 tokbox3

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