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  What is IM SSF  ?IP Multimedia Service Switching Function is a  gateway to provide IN service such s legacy VPN ( Virtual Private Network ),   What is RIMSSF  ? … Continue reading

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thoughts on a Fullproof communication platform

How easier would it be if there was a infrastructure that could connect all devices all communication protocols , old legacy PSTN phones , vOIP  ones like  SIP all the … Continue reading

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sip over weblogic , using brekeke as registrar

Developers lab environment Figure depicts a typical setup required for any telecom software developer Detailed Explanation of components is as follows : JSR 116 – SIP Servlet 1.0 SIP Servlet … Continue reading

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Mobility with webRTC and SIP

 Mobility trends in the last decade. As Services like : Social networking integration with telecommunication , seamless web connectivity , session continuity from tv to tablet to phone , multi … Continue reading

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MVC vs Struts2 vs Spring3

MVC : Model : bean classes or POJO , compromising of variables declarations , getters and setters . DAO operations View : Front end components like , jsps , html … Continue reading

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Tools for a Telecom software Engineer

     Evernote for notekeeping Eclipse to do real programming    Github to upload download code MySQL  workbench to take care of Database Management     Technologies to Work with … Continue reading

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SIP in depth

SIP headers : •Display names are described in RFC 2822 •From also contains a display name and a SIP URI that indicate the originator of the request.  The From also contains a tag … Continue reading

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WebRTC end to end solution


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WebRTC communication diagrams

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RCS ( Rich Communication Suite )

What is this fuss about RCS ? For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to find the answer to this one . After much information gathering i made myself … Continue reading

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WebRTC solution

We started in winters on 2012 with Webrtc . At time time it just looked like a new car design that might fade away when new ones comes . What … Continue reading

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VPN over SIP

What is VPN ( Virtual Private Network )? People working at different locations need a fast, secure and reliable way to share information across computer networks . This is were … Continue reading

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Service Broker

Definition Telecom Service Broking providing the telecom services by blending together a number of existing services. For example Call Screening with Find me follow me service , or Call Forwarding … Continue reading

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JAINSLEE – Developer and business benefits

JAIN SLEE is the Java open standard for a SLEE ( Service Logic Execution Environment ). It is a  Java programming language API for developing and deploying network services. Evolution of Open- Standard Platform (JAINSLEE) There is … Continue reading

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webRTC business benefits

Historically, RTC has been corporate and complex, requiring expensive audio and video technologies to be licensed or developed in house. Integrating RTC technology with existing content, data and services has … Continue reading

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